Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hello people.

Welcome to my first blog entry, ever. Jut Rut of the Yazoo Crew spreading the message of mountain bike racing and the pursuit of a good time. These are two things that are important to me and if they are important to you then we should hook up and ride a bike sometime. We are a collective of Mountain Bike Racers and cycling enthusiast sponsored by the best microbrewery in Tennessee. And in case you didn't know, we drink and we ride.

Riding is suppose to be fun, right. We rode bikes as kids because we like to ride them. It was pure, it was simple. Well, me and the rest of the crew still feel this way. From the time I was learned to ride I have been hooked. I'd say it has been a consistent evolution from wooden jumps in the front yard, to riping up the backyard BMX track, to now traveling with the pursuit of finding some great bike trails and good times. Bikes and board sport have been a part of my life and my passion. Now insert beer and good parties and we are on to something brilliant. Our effect has been entertaining so far but the Yazoo Crew is just getting started.

Keep checking in and I will try to bring you a digitized sample of how we are trying to change the world by riding bicycles and living life to the fullest. Let the good times roll.